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Advisory And Consulting Services

Design a holistic cybersecurity program tailored to your business and adjusts to changing circumstances in the world to minimize the risk of cyber breaches and their potential impact.

Our Service Areas Within Cybersecurity

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We provide you with the services you need to successfully build a secure and robust IT environment, prevent cyber breaches, and ensure resilience in case of an incident. Based on real-world empirical insights gained from managing incidents daily, we have developed the solutions you need to stay ahead of threat actors and ensure the best possible security for your organization.

Advisory and Consultancy

We provide the services you need to successfully build secure IT environment, prevent cyber breaches, and stay strong in case of an incident.

  • Cyber Strategy
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Building Secure Infrastructure
  • Penetration Testing
  • Red Teams
  • IoT Cybersecurity
  • Secure Development

Based on Real-World Insights

Preventing cyber breaches and identifying potential threats against your IT environment requires thorough security work.

We manage the largest and most complex incident investigations. Covering the entire cybersecurity spectrum gives us an in-depth understanding of current threats, how threat actors operate, and the unique skills necessary to identify the greatest threats to your organization.

Our cybersecurity advisory services are based on unique expertise and firsthand experience of data breaches and cybercrime. Our capabilities incorporate multiple perspectives, from IT and data governance expertise to Human Threat Intelligence and crucial security concepts such as Zero Trust.


Exceptional Mix of Cyber Specialists

Our 250 + cyber specialists hold a unique experience and boast a wealth of knowledge throughout the entire cybersecurity spectrum. Truesecs' experts have worked at major international tech corporations, law enforcement, public safety, and defense sectors. 

With Truesec as your partner in cyber, we will provide you with a high-performance team of experienced specialists – to develop an end-to-end cybersecurity strategy that works. Whether incident response, cyber security strategy, vulnerability assessments, or crisis management.

Given our real-world empirical insight, we know what needs to be done and what truly protects today's digital environments.


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