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Effective cybersecurity services based on real-world insights.

Our Services

The services and solutions you need to build a secure and sustainable IT environment, prevent cyber breaches and respond effectively to incidents. Our real-world insight gained from managing incidents worldwide has allowed us to develop the solutions you need to stay ahead of threat actors and minimize cost and impact in case of an incident.

Overcome a Cyber Attack

Stop the breach and recover quickly

Get a battle-proven Cybersecurity Incident Response Team (CSIRT) team through a dedicated group of specialists who continually set the bar for the most accurate forensics and speedy recovery! We are three times faster in getting business-critical services operational and have a US-based CSIRT team using a 7-step CSIRT Methodology,

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Detect and Disarm Threats

Detect and Disarm - discover breaches early

Stay ahead of cybercrime with a Security Operations Center (SOC) that uses a customized combination of capabilities and tooling tailored to stop and prevent cyberattacks most efficiently. A custom-tailored SOC designed for your business counteracts every stage of a cyberattack event chain and controls it entirely.

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Advisory Services

Consulting - stay ahead of threats

Your Advisory and Consulting Experts are trusted globally as threat-centric and tool-agnostic advisors who work with you to customize a holistic business security roadmap with immediate actions to significantly improve your cybersecurity posture and pave the path toward zero trust architecture.

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Prepare for a Real-Life Cyber Attack

When a cyber attack happens, do you know what to do? Download the checklist to determine if you have taken the proper actions to withstand an attack – and what proactive measures you need to take to protect your company.