It's not if, but when you'll be hit by a cyber attack

Respond to and Overcome a Cyber Attack

Cyber attacks are far too common in today's digital world. Most are deployed on a broad scale with devastating impact on businesses. Our experienced Cybersecurity Incident Response Team (CSIRT), stands ready to get your business operational again as fast, and securely, as possible.

What Our Incident Response Services Offer You

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Regain Control and Save Your Business

We use a proven and well-defined process that returns your operational capacity quickly while minimizing data loss during ongoing cyber breaches.
Our Cybersecurity Incident Respons Team has the capacity and know-how to stop attacks, rescue data from encrypted files, and successfully disarm advanced cyber threat actors. And provide strategic advice moving forward.
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Experienced Experts Stops Attacks and Recover Critical Systems

Working with the containment of complex cyber attacks constantly and exclusively provides our specialists with invaluable insights and expertise.
Forensics, crisis management, legal advisory, and systems recovery; Truesec's CSIRT gives you access to a multi-functional team of highly experienced experts with the experience and know-how needed to fight cyber attacks resolutely and effectively.
Our incident response team applies a technology-agnostic approach, providing your organization with the tailored help needed to stop a breach and regain control, regardless of what systems you are using.

We Have a Proven Record of Helping Victims Worldwide

We have extensive experience responding to cybersecurity breaches worldwide, conducting forensic investigations, and tackling threat actors head-on. Our assignments include attacks such as advanced ransomware campaigns, cyber espionage, and theft of digital assets.
We cover all parts of IT infrastructure including embedded systems Operational Technology (OT) and connected devices (IoT).
When hit by an attack, make sure that you get the help you need. With priority access to our Emergency Hotline, Truesec's high-performance Cybersecurity Incident Response Team is at your disposal, ready to intervene quickly and resolutely.
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How we stand out in the crowd

We Safeguard You Against Cybercrime

3x faster

than industry standard in getting your organization's business critical services back to an operational state.

0 ransom paid

none of the victims we helped to solve a cyberattack paid a ransom.


dedicated cybersecurity experts on three continents.